Sunday, February 4, 2018

Painting Companies Reveal the Top 5 Rookie Mistakes That Cause Paint to Peel

There’s nothing quite like peeling paint on walls or ceilings to make any room appear untidy and unappealing. Excessive moisture and high humidity are two of the most common culprits, but sometimes, peeling is caused by factors that are not related to water damage or high temperature. If a fresh layer of paint starts cracking, curling, and flaking shortly after, then the fault likely lies in how it was applied.

If you’re taking on a painting project that’s larger in scale, it’s best to hire professional painting companies in Kitchener or anywhere else. In doing so, you can avoid making these five rookie mistakes that can cause paint to peel off. Read more from this article:

Friday, February 2, 2018

Professional Painters on Which Level of Gloss Is the Best Option for Your Building Exterior

When it comes to applying a fresh coat of paint on building exteriors, color shouldn’t be the only thing you give serious thought to. If you want your paint job to hold up for a long time, carefully consider the level of gloss or shine in your paint of choice, too. Gloss impacts both the appearance and serviceability of your walls. For instance, shine affects how the color will be perceived once paint is applied. Gloss tends to make colors appear brighter and more vibrant. Surfaces painted with higher gloss level paints are much more durable and resistant to moisture and stain as well.

If you want your exterior paint to be in it for the long haul, painters in Kitchener and elsewhere will usually give you three options. Each has its own merits, but the choice will ultimately depend on your needs and preferences. Read more from this article:

Friday, December 29, 2017

Why You Should Always Call for Drywall Services Before You Repaint Your Home’s Interior

Repainting your home’s interior is one of the simplest and most economical ways to significantly increase property value. In fact, according to Time Magazine, repainting key areas in the right color can add as much as $5,440 to the house’s value. It’s no wonder then why many homeowners are scrambling to put a new coat of paint on their walls. In their rush, however, they gloss over one important step to ensuring a smooth, flawless paint job: repairing existing damage on the walls. Before you start choosing a different paint color, call a specialist in drywall services first for these easy fixes.

Use New Nails or Screws

Over time, the nails or screws used to hold drywall in place can get pushed out. Painters recommend securing the drywall again to keep it in line with the framing, but you can’t do this just by hammering the old nails back down and covering them up with compound. They will only pop back out, ruining the new layer of paint you will apply afterwards. A better solution would be to have your drywall repair professional remove the old nails or screws and replace them with new ones. The final step would be to apply at least three coats of joint compound to hide the nail or screw head. Read more from this article:

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Painters Can Tell You How to Match Your Bedroom’s Color Scheme to Your Desired Mood

Interior design is more than just the art of putting together themes and features that make your house aesthetically pleasing. In a sense, it’s also a science of creating a healthier environment for the home’s inhabitants. Of all the aspects of decorating, choosing a color for each room is perhaps among the most important. After all, psychology tells us that the color of your surroundings can influence your emotions and state of mind.

So, what then is the right color for one’s bedroom? The answer depends on your personality and the mood you want to set in that particular space. Here are a few color options suggested by painters in Cambridge and elsewhere to help you decide. Read more from this article:

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Plan a Practical Wintertime Painting Project with Help from Experienced Painters in Guelph

Is it true that you should forego any house painting plans at this time of year? The answer, believe it or not, is not an automatic “yes.” Not every day of the coming winter months will be ideal for painting jobs, but with the help of experienced painters in Guelph, you can pull off a home improvement project by spring.

Cold weather precautions

Many paints won’t dry properly as soon as temperatures dip below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, so you should understand there are risks to your project. Aside from inconsistent drying times due to varying surface temperatures, the paints might suffer from water spotting and film cracking. Poor light during the season could also hinder you from achieving the color balance you want. Water-based latex paints can also freeze, so it is impractical to use them in conditions below 32 degrees. Read more from this article:

3 Small-Scale Projects You Can Use Kitchener Painting Services For

You may have heard that the winter is no excuse to put your home improvement plans on hold – not even if your project involves some painting services.  While it’s true that cold weather will add new considerations when it comes to paint types and work schedules, it’s also false that pursuing paint jobs during this season is out of the question.

Winter is a good time for interior house painting, and there are several small-scale projects you can take on without having to touch up your entire Kitchener home.

A living room wall

The cold months are dreary; they also coincide with holidays like Christmas and New Year, which, if you’re in the mood, call for festive decorations. Read more from this article:

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Ask Painting Companies for Fall Colors, and You’ll Enjoy the Season’s Shades All Year

Have you been falling in love with the fall colors around Kitchener? Perhaps you’ve even found yourself thinking you could have their vibrant hues painted on the walls of your home. If you haven’t, consider the idea now. Painting your rooms red, orange, yellow, or other rustic tones will make them look good and feel comfortable to be in, no matter the season.


Due to its brightness, orange isn’t the color you’d typically use for an entire room. However, it’s an excellent choice for creating “accent” walls. These draw in the eye in a space that would otherwise have muted or neutral colors. Accent walls may include the side of a room adjacent to picture windows, the wall partially obscured by open shelving, or the panel next to a staircase. (Needless to say, don’t pair orange walls with black shelves or other furniture; you want a touch of fall, not a backdrop for Halloween!) Read more from this blog: