Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Painting Companies Share Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Wall Looking New

There’s no doubt that kitchens can get messy pretty quickly. After all, a lot of work happens in this space. Recipes are prepared, food is served, and dishes and debris can pile up after a sumptuous meal.

That’s why you should always strive to maintain a freshly painted look on your kitchen walls by keeping them free of dirt and sticky, oily residues. Preventive maintenance leads to less time spent cleaning the walls later and extends the life of your paint.

Dust the Walls

Freshly painted kitchen walls may have dirt, dust and a few cobwebs that can be removed quickly using a dust cloth on a long hand-held sweeper. Painting companies recommend dusting the ceiling as well, since some airborne dust may collect in some areas. You may also vacuum the walls with a soft brush attachment. Read more on this article:

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Painters Share Decorative Colour Schemes to Spruce Up Your Kitchen

Simple colour changes go a long way to updating kitchen spaces. For instance, a light shade of gray can turn a room from appearing dingy to sophisticated, while adding light red hues can create a dramatic space. Professional painters share their insights on the favorite shades they have used in different homes, so you can spend less time ogling at swatches and more time enjoying a refreshing kitchen space.

Applying Neutral Palettes

The versatility of neutrals like whites and warm grays provides a perfect platform for you to personalize any changes in your taste. They provide a canvas for you to accentuate with a broad range of related or other contrasting colors; from muted hues to bright and saturated shades.

If you’re worried about matching the accessories, painters apply the colours in a way that allows you to accessorise with dinnerware, ceilings, and kitchen rugs. Be sure to use a combination of materials (rough to glossy to smooth) to create visual contrasts and reflect light differently throughout the day. Read more on this article: