Friday, October 23, 2015

Factors to Consider Before Getting in Touch with Painting Companies

When working with a painting services provider, preparation is key. Before you get started, you may want to find out if your home contains any lead in the paint already on the walls; this would be common in older houses, and you will need to tell the painting company about this beforehand. You will also want to prepare your walls before the decorators arrive. Cover any large cracks or imperfections with filling paste. If your decorator is going to do this for you, though, then you can take note of what needs doing for accurate pricing. Most importantly, to facilitate a smooth project, your walls will need to be free of any grease and dust; thus, it will be worth your while to wash these areas beforehand.

Things you didn't know about Experienced Painters' Best Practices

You may have taken on a painting job yourself in the past, and been dissatisfied when the wall you painted appears to have all kinds of bumps and imperfections. This is probably because you didn't take the time to completely sand away any flaws on the surface you had in mind. Having a perfectly smooth surface is integral to the smooth, flawless end result you're looking for. A thorough sanding job gets rid of joint-compound patches and spackle, and levels out the ridges left around nail and screw holes, thus ultimately leading to a much more even- and good-looking paint job. Another mistake people often make is failing to use a tinted primer. Before professional painters such as CertaPro Painters of Waterloo apply a single drop of paint, they spend a lot of time filling in holes and levelling out cracks with joint compound.