Thursday, September 29, 2016

3 Modern Makeover Ideas You Can Do Together With Drywall Services

As a homeowner, it pays be knowledgeable about the recommended materials in home construction or remodelling and the trends. You could, for instance, find out the advantages of replacing your existing plaster walls with drywall, a versatile material that’s easy to install and offers fire resistance, among other benefits. You could also get plenty of inspiration when it comes to the design tweaks or total renovations you can do together with home repairs.

If you’re thinking of getting drywall services, consider these makeover ideas from a pro in Cambridge, and breathe new life into your private spaces:

1. Go for Bold, Geometric Ceilings

Drywall is versatile enough to be fastened into complex design features, such as eaves and arches. The construction material can also be used to conceal steel beams that are used in intricately shaped ceilings.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Painting Companies Weigh In: Does This Design Idea Suit Your Home?

There are plenty of modern interior design trends that have been sweeping magazines. Some can be easily done by replacing or installing some fixtures in your home and decorating with unique accents. Others may need painting services or more extensive remodelling services. How do you determine which ones suit your home?

One design idea that became apparent in recent Azure Magazine features is making a statement with a loud, bright colour.

Award-Winning Design

It could be seen the cheerful yellow millwork that hides a staircase in a one-bedroom house in Adelaide Street, Sydney, Australia. The accessory practically served as the wall of the small home’s dining room-slash-kitchen, which was painted a muted shade of beige and decorated minimally with furniture in a white-and-steel colour palette. This residence was featured and applauded in the 2016 AZ Awards of Merit: Residential and Commercial Interiors by Azure Magazine.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Lindsey Vonn & Kate Beckinsale -- Hollywood Smoke Show ... Heats Up Emmy Party (VIDEO)

Another night, another shot of Lindsey Vonn in a smokin' hot dress in Hollywood ... this time, hitting the Emmy party scene with Kate Beckinsale.  Vonn attended the Emmys earlier in the night in a burgundy dress -- but after a quick wardrobe…

Monday, September 12, 2016

Dolphins Recorded Having A Conversation, Not Interrupting Each Other

We know that dolphins are intelligent and have their own unique way to communicate.

But new research shows that they can actually have conversations with each other in the same way humans do.

As part of a study published in a St. Petersburg Polytechnical University journal, researchers analyzed sounds made by two Black Sea bottlenose dolphins who lived at a research station in Crimea.

They recorded what they called "packs" of incoherent pulses made by the animals and found that they took turns producing them without interrupting each other.

This led them to believe that each dolphin listened to the other's pulses before uttering its own.

bottlenose dolphin

ZOO AQUARIUM DE MADRID, MADRID, SPAIN - 2016/08/01: A specimen of common bottle-nose dolphin pictured during a show at the Madrid Zoo and Aquarium. (Photo: Jorge Sanz/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images)

"Essentially, this exchange resembles a conversation between two people," wrote author Vyacheslav Ryabov.

An analysis of the sounds found that none of them were exactly the same.

"This suggests that, most likely, each pulse in the [noncoherent pulse] packs is a word of the dolphin's spoken language, and a pulse pack is a sentence, i.e., some kind of message."

The researchers concluded that the dolphins' language could be compared to human speech because it has all the same design features.

"Essentially, this exchange resembles a conversation between two people."

"Humans must take the first step to establish relationships with the first intelligent inhabitants of the planet Earth by creating devices capable of overcoming the barriers that stand in the way of using languages and in the way of communications between dolphins and people," the report said.

The study cited previous research that found the mammals have had brains that were larger and more complicated than that of humans for more than 25 million years.

In research presented in 2007, a scientist at the Whale Research Centre in Australia discovered that the mammals make almost 200 different sounds, and uttered certain ones more often during certain activities, like travelling, eating or socializing.

"This communication is highly complex, and it is contextual, so in a sense it could be termed a language," Liz Hawkins told New Scientist.

Stop comparing dolphins to humans: experts

A study published earlier this year showed that dolphins also chatter more when trying to solve a difficult task together.

But experts cautioned that the results didn't mean dolphins have the same cognitive abilities as humans.

“Often times people ask me 'How smart are dolphins?' when we should be asking ourselves, 'How are dolphins smart?'” the lead author of that study, Holli Eskelinen, told The Huffington Post.

“The same holds true for their communicative abilities, instead of trying to see if they communicate like humans, our focus has shifted to a more baseline approach of how they communicate.”

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Wall Street weighed down by Apple

(Reuters) - U.S. stocks were lower on Thursday as a drop in Apple shares weighed, a day after the tech giant unveiled the new iPhone 7 that failed to impress Wall Street.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Painting Services in Kitchener Advice: Ways to Get Your House Ready

When it comes to painting a house, whether its exterior or interior, preparing it is half the battle. As a homeowner, it pays to know everything you can in order to get rooms and other places ready for the job you have contracted painting services to do.

Not the One to Prepare?

There are a number of painting companies in Kitchener that include preparation of the areas you want painted, but that doesn’t mean you need to be complacent about the preparation and let them do all the dirty work.

Doing some preparation work yourself will also help you understand what you are paying for if you have an overall idea how to go about the process. For example, you can easily recognize when a painter is doing something wrong and can correct him right away. You may even be prevent a costly mistake.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Painting Your Home Exterior by Professional Painters Has Many Benefits

Whether you’re going for an Scandinavian, Mediterranean, nautical or vintage look for your home theme, professional painters in Cambridge can help you pick just the right shade to punch up a wall in a certain part of the house.

Increases Real Estate Value

Painting your home exterior, interior and trims is one of the most cost-effective and easiest way to increase your property value. Painting the exterior becomes important when you’re trying to increase the curb appeal of your home before putting it on the market.

Prospective buyers are more likely to be interested with a newly-painted house than one with chipping and faded paint. This is because a paint job can create an entirely new feel both for the exterior and interior space of the home.