Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Slap and Dash: Painting Companies Detail the Safety in Indoor Painting

House painting is a worthwhile activity. Whether it's to hide or remove blemishes in a house's walls, or simply make it all the more beautiful, a good paint job will last forever. However, the beauty of a painted house becomes most clear three days or more after the work is done. Before then, the process of painting can be physically exhausting, and many factors can make it difficult or even dangerous: the flammability of oil paints, the need to reach hazardous spots, and much more. Volatile Organic Compounds In particular, VOCs, or "volatile organic compounds", are what give fresh paint its famed scent – and the health risk that it carries with it. As the name implies, they are organic, and even the most natural paints cannot avoid them entirely; the same compounds that can cause irritation and headaches, or aggravate chronic problems, are the compounds that make paint work.

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